Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's Nothin' Quite Like the Taste of a Garden Hose

Well, here we are, Porky and Penny, dabbling in a blog that centers around two of our most persistent challenges: fat (too much) and money (too little). Somehow we'd like to switch those around... or at least balance them out in some way.

While we have divided the sidebars into Porky's (food/recipes/weight and more) and Penny's (money/frugality/tips and more) and will be adding resources as we find good ones, we'd love to hear tips from YOU!

We'll also be throwing in jewels like this article, which describes a new obesity surgery technique (only performed in studies at the present) that involves snaking a tube as thick as a garden hose down the throat to snap staples into the stomach. Boy, that sounds fun. 

According to the article, risks include perforation of the esophagus, but a surgeon who has performed it claims there are no major complications. A perforated esophagus sounds pretty major to me.

An interesting finding so far?  Some study patients have lost weight after unknowingly undergoing fake procedures — sedation and the tube, but no stapling. Results comparing them with the real thing aren't yet available.

How about just letting me think I'm going to get a garden hose down my throat if I don't shape up? That would probably straighten me up in a jiffy.


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