Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stimulus Tuesdays

Tuesdays are the day to head to any of Carmike Cinemas' 250 theaters. On "Stimulus Tuesdays," all 16-ounce drinks and 46-ounce popcorns are sold at the bargain basement price of $1 apiece. They'll even drown your corn in butter. Can't beat that.

I took the bait this afternoon and invited three young friends to join me for a showing of the Pixar movie Up. Loaded down with our dollar refreshments, we settled in with our 3D glasses. I was surprised that we were shown four previews of 3D movies. I guess this is a trend.

The movie itself was superb. The main character is a 78-year-old man who sets out to fulfill a lifelong dream. I won't say anything else for fear of giving something way. But it has to be one of the best Pixar movies to date - and that's saying something.

Up was definitely worth the price of admission, especially on Stimulus Tuesday.


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