Friday, June 12, 2009

A, B, C, D, E, F, G Stamps!

I started saving stamps long ago when it seemed like a fun, cheap hobby. I merely removed them from envelopes for years, then I started saving a new one from each sheet when it looked like my daughter might be interested. Lots of neat stamps appeared, and even though K didn't have enough interest to put them in a book, either, she enjoyed looking at them every now and then and used quite a few for various school projects.

I am slightly manic when I see a clean, inadvertently uncanceled stamp arrive in the mail. It used to be as good as finding a penny on the ground or in a pocket, but now it's as good as finding 44¢ anywhere, and that's well worth my time to salvage them for reuse. As long as the tape securing the used stamp(s) to the envelope doesn't cover the entire stamp surface and the postage is correct, it's as good as a new stamp!

In my little stash of stamps, however, are those unmarked 'rate change' stamps. It's fine to use them when they're new, but unless you're efficient enough to note their value (I wasn't), it's probably impossible to remember what they're worth. With pennies even tighter than they have been, I figured I'd be spending some time online trying to match them up so I could use them. It was never a priority, as it seemed like a hassle and not one that was worth my time.

My dilemma was solved this morning, though, when the Frugal for Life newsletter came in with a site that does just that! On Alphabetilately: G is for G stamp, the stamps are pictured with issue dates and value; it's about as easy as it gets, and I'm all for easy.

Off to find some tape and something to mail....

Penny2 and Porky2 (cause I signed up for that free chocolate... so I could report, of course)

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