Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coins Count

When it comes right down to it, ole Ben Franklin was right: A penny saved is a penny earned. True, a penny was worth a tad more in Ben's day than ours, but the premise still holds true.

Coins count. If you've never tried coin collecting (of the non rare variety), you might be in for a surprise. At our house, a change jar sits ready and waiting. All year, we drop change in at the end of the day. A few weeks before vacation, we dump the jar and check the loot. We're usually surprised. We've found as much as a few hundred dollars in there, ready for us to roll and take to the bank to exchange for some paper money. Even if it's just $30, that's lunch money.

As a rule, we don't pay with coins. And in the end, they pay us.

Try it - you might be surprised!


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